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Listen to Spotify or Apple Music on the iPod Classic with this nostalgic web app

You can roll back the years as you roll your finger around the clickwheel, thanks to this neat website that uses an iPod Classic interface for your music.

Just as the record player is to some generations and the Sony Walkman is to others, the iPod Classic is undoubtedly the totemic symbol of personal music to kids of the 90s. That’s why I’m over the moon to see it make a return, albeit in virtual form.

Tanner Villarete, a frontend engineer, has made the dreams of a generation become a reality via a neat web app named iPodify, which is accessible via this link.

Once you’ve got the hang of the clickwheel navigation (a lost art made no easier by its translation via desktop controls), scroll to Settings and Sign In to link the web app to your Spotify or Apple Music account. Then, as speedily as Doc Brown’s DeLorean, you’ll find yourself transported back in time to the early noughties and within seconds you’ll be leafing through album art on Cover Flow with the same unbridled glee as your parents rootling through their old vinyl.

I’m sure you’ll agree that it would be a crime not to revisit your old favourite tracks from the era, say the likes of Busted or Avril Lavigne, whilst cradling your face in horror at your abysmal adolescent tastes.

When you’ve cringed hard enough to give your jaw a workout and you want to cheer yourself up again, this app’s just just the ticket for that too: Brick Breaker is present and correct on this resurrected iPod.

iPod Classic Brickbreaker

Image Credit: Tanner Villarete

A mobile game worthy of rivalling Nokia’s Snake in terms of sheer nostalgia, you could spend hours batting the ball up and down the screen killing bricks as you’re killing your time.

If you’re interested at looking into the nitty gritty, the project is available for your perusal on GitHub.






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