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Listen up: Echo Dot Speaker with Alexa is available at half price on Prime Day

You can buy Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker for half as much as its usual price, thanks to this great deal courtesy of Amazon Prime Day.

If you were to ask a smart speaker “Alexa, find me the best Amazon Prime Day deal”, then it would have to be so immodest as to recommend itself, thanks to a half-price deal that sees it available for just £24.99.

Deal: Echo Dot smart speaker with Alexa for £24.99

The Echo Dot is a small but stylish speaker, with minimalist yet ergonomic controls, and is distinguished by a glowing light ring at the base that nicely catches the eye without being too distracting.

When it comes to functionality, this speaker ticks all the boxes as it easily understands you voice commands as is widely compatible with other smart home devices. When you speak to Alexa you’ll find that it almost always understands your questions, and though functionality isn’t always as good as its Google Home counterpart, it still boasts plenty of neat features; you even now make free outbound calls with the use of Alexa.

Sound quality has made big strides since the early days of these little loudspeakers, so that voice calls, podcasts, and talk radio, are all both clear and detailed rather than thin and tinny. Even music playback is decently supported for the occasional listen, although the bass performance is a little weak.

If you want the full stereo sound experience, you can get two Echo Dots and pair them up; and what could be a better opportunity than now, when you could buy two of them for the price of one?

Deal: Echo Dot smart speaker with Alexa for £24.99

To grab this deal for yourself, first make sure that you’ve got an Amazon Prime subscription, and then simply follow the link above to the product page to buy the device.





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