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Microsoft has saved Christmas with these wacky festive jumpers

If you’re a tech geek scouring the web for a unique Christmas jumper, look no further – Microsoft has just released a new range that is bound to turn heads.

One of the joys of the festive season is wearing the most garish and tasteless jumper imaginable, all in the name of Christmas irony. Windows is on to a winner this year, having released three retro seasonal sweaters themed for Microsoft Paint, Windows XP, and Windows 95. We can only presume they’re saving the Windows Vista jumper for their Halloween collection.

These designs hit the sweet spot of (a) being random to the point of near-obscurity, (b) completely unrelated to Christmas even in a tangential sense, and (c) not particularly endearing or loveable, which evidently makes them the perfect choice for that office Christmas party that’s probably not even going to happen.

But while you may miss out on the traditional hijinks with the photocopier this year, that’s no reason not to add the seasonal sweaters to your working-from-home wardrobe – they certainly look cosy, and wearing one will probably win over the respect of your IT department for when you next need them to fix your chronically malfunctioning Windows PC.

Microsoft has long been a by-word for sweet style, so this fashionable collection comes as no surprise. Just take a look at Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer tearing up the dance floor in the classic video above from the Windows 95 launch. Who knows? If you wear one of these new jumpers they might even let you sit at their table next lunch time.

So which of the three jumpers would you festoon yourself in for the forthcoming festivities? Or would unwrapping one of these prompt you to Ctrl+Alt+Del the friendship of anyone who gifted it? Let us know in the poll below.





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