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New to Netflix: What to watch on Netflix this week

Ever found yourself wondering what to watch on Netflix, despite there seeming to be a never-ending cacophony of content? Us too. So we’ve brought together everything’s that new to Netflix this week to help you decide ahead of time.

We know it’s quite easy to find a big list of what’s new to Netflix on the internet but just seeing the names is quite obviously not good enough for helping you decide. 

With our list, we pick out the choices that catch our eye and give you an insight into why it may be worth checking out as well as if it’s suitable for kids as well as the odd trailer. Read on to find your next binge-watch and be sure to bookmark this page as we’ll be updating it each week.

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What to watch on Netflix this week

  • First Man (September 18)

Let’s kick things off with a cracker from Damien Chazelle (La La Land and Whiplash). Chazelle shuffles away from his music-focused successes to direct this tense and thoughtful retelling of Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong’s very personal journey.

Back for more Chazelle collaboration is Ryan Gosling (La La Land) who puts on a wonderfully understated performance as the famous moon-trekker. Gosling is supported by a star-studded and talent cast, including Claire Foy (The Crown), Jason Clarke (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Corey Stoll (House of Cards) and more.

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What Netflix Original series should I watch?

  • Ratched (September 18)

While we’re not quite sure how much the Netflix generation knows about One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Nurse Ratched is possibly even more well-known. Even if you’re shrugging your shoulders at these mentions, Ratched could still be for you, with this remake (of sorts) getting the Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) treatment.

Ratched tells the story of the eerily sinister Nurse Ratched (played by Murphy-favourite Sarah Paulson) as she begins work at a mental asylum and the creepiness ensues. While this is created by Evan Romansky, rather than Ryan Murphy himself, it certainly gives off those stylish yet quirky vibes that Murphy is known for. However, it’s wrapped it a whole lot of chills this time.

What anime to watch on Netflix?

  • Dragon’s Dogma (September 17)

While it isn’t quite a live-action The Witcher, plenty have been hyped for this Netflix-supported anime adaption of the popular Dragon’s Dogma game. 

The anime adaptation tells the story of Ethan, who has been resurrected as an Arisen. Ethan is on a journey to defeat a Dragon who took his heart, however, his action-packed journey leaves him with an internal struggle just as tough as his demonic foes.

What to watch on Netflix for kids

  • Johnny English Strikes Again (PG) (September 18)
  • Enola Holmes (12) (September 23)

While it doesn’t quite live up to the original Johnny English, there’s still plenty of humour in this third outing for the character. Rowan Atkinson brings all his physical charisma chops that made Mr Bean such a success and combines it with a cheeky James Bond spoof, for a great time with tons of kid-friendly gags.

Moving up the PG audience, we’ve got the pre-teen tale Enola Holmes. Enola Holmes stars Stranger Things’ Millie Bobbie Brown as the teenage sister of famous detective brother Sherlock.

Brown is joined by Sam Claflin (Hunger Games), Henry Cavill (Justice League) and Helen Bonham Carter (Harry Potter series) for this part-mystery part-comedy romp that looks set to be the perfect family night-in flick.