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Nissan has unveiled four quirky concept cars that could define the future

Nissan has released concept images of how its electric cars of the future could look, and they’re bound to take your breath away.

Nissan has big plans for a more sustainable future, having promised 23 new electrified vehicles by 2023 (some all-electric, some hybrid), on the road to becoming a carbon neutral business by 2050. Proving that there’s no need for electric cars to be boring, Nissan has released some concept designs for its upcoming vehicles that showcase some vey original, outside-the-box thinking.

All united by the “-Out” suffix, the concept vehicles that were unveiled broke the mould with their quirky and innovative designs.

Nissan surf-out

Image Credit: Nissan

The Surf-Out concept includes some eye-catching lighting on the rear, a completely transparent grille at the front that acts as another window into the interior, and also has an e-FORCE all-wheel drive system with an onboard generator.

nissan max-out

Then we’ve got the Max-Out supercar. Nissan is not exactly best-known for its high performance sports cars, but that’s part of what makes this sleek convertible such a potentially intriguing prospect.

nissan hang-out

Image Credit: Nissan

The Hang-Out car once is centred around the innovative idea of rotating the front seats in order to create a social setting within the cabin, complete with a projector and speakers.

nissan chill-out

Image Credit: Nissan

Finally we were also treated to a glimpse of the Chill-Out, which is an attractive but fairly conventional design that distinguishes itself from the crowd with some fancy LED lighting.

The above video gives a thorough breakdown of Nissan’s ambitions in the electric vehicles market, which extend beyond fanciful concepts into a full plan of how the brand can reorientate itself to catch up to our fast-changing times.




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