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PSVR2: Everything you need to know about Sony’s new Virtual Reality headset

PlayStation has officially introduced the “next generation” of its Virtual Reality technology, so here’s all we know about it so far.

Sony is once again plunging into the world of Virtual Reality, five years since its foray, with a new headset that it hopes to imbue with “dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity.”

From the rumoured specifications to the release date and the price, here’s all we know about the PSVR2 so far.

PSVR2 Specs

There are few specifics in Sony’s statement, but nonetheless there are still more than enough juicy bits in there for us to get excited about.

Firstly, and completely unsurprisingly, it will definitely be compatible with the PS5 console (though there’s no word yet on backwards compatibility).

What’s more, it will even “incorporate some of the key features found in the DualSense wireless controller.” We were bowled over by the incredible ergonomics and interactivity of Sony’s newest controller, so this is great to hear.

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Beyond the specs with official confirmation, YouTube channel PSVR Without Parole claim to have gone behind the scenes and unearthed even more details of the new device.

According to these leaks, the PSVR2 will pack an HDR-enhanced OLED panel with a resolution of 4000 x 2040 (that’s 2000 x 2040 per eye), which is greater even than that of the Oculus Quest 2, and the field of view will encompass 110 degrees.

PSVR2 Release Date

Sony has confirmed that the PSVR2 “won’t be launching in 2021.”

While that hardly narrows it down very much, we reckon that it’s likely to be released towards the end of 2022, just in time for Christmas. Let’s hope that it will actually stay in stock long enough for most customers can buy them, unlike the PS5 launch last year.

PSVR2 Price

There’s no official word yet from Sony on the price, but we’d expect it to be competitive with the rest of its rivals.

The PSVR starter pack is currently available for £249.99, while the Oculus Quest 2 had a launch price of £299. The supposed specs of the PSVR2 are better, and so may command a slightly higher cost, but it’s still likely to remain in the same ballpark as those aforementioned devices.



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