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Recombeers: Black Friday deals galore and some big news for iPhone gamers

The second episode of Recombeers is here! In it myself and deals aficionado / Buyer’s Guides Editor Thomas Deehan discuss how to get the best deals this Black Friday and the ongoing shortage of PS5 games consoles.

On top of that we also go through the biggest headlines in our standard winners and losers section. This week it’ll cover everything from the implications and return of Fortnite to iPhones thanks to Nvidia’s clever wizardry getting GeForce Now to run on iOS and the possibility of a new Last of Us TV show. 

We also shed light on how Nvidia’s plans to succeed with its game streaming service in a PS5 and Xbox Series X dominated world, covering an interview from our sister site Trusted Reviews with the platform’s vice president and general manager.

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Make sure to also check out our Recombu YouTube Comments section where we answer any questions you’ve sent throughout the week and flag some of the nicest, and meanest, messages.

We also shed new light on some of our post lockdown plans for the Recombu video channel. These include resurrecting the old Quickies show, plus a bunch of cool new ideas. As ever, you the reader and viewer will take centre stage in our plans, so make sure to send any requests or ideas you have in the YouTube’s comments section. You can also get in touch with us on Twitter and Facebook!

Recombeers will go live again next week at 5pm, so make sure to feedback on the things you liked and didn’t care for, so we can tweak the format. If enough people request something, and it’s legal, we’ll endeavour to make it happen!


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