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Recombeers: lusting over Cyberpunk and hating on the AirPods Max

The fourth episode of Recombeers has hit the town, with myself and Recombu Editor Alastair Stevenson talking about the latest in the world of tech, all whilst being on completely opposite sides of the drunk spectrum.


In our Winners and Losers segment, there was no getting around it – Cyberpunk is the week’s hot topic and we had a lot to say about it. Luckily for me, I was able to get some quality time in with the game via Google Stadia, while Al had to sit through hours of patch downloads and installation screens.

Ironically enough, this disparity is also present in the beers we decided to glug down for the episode. While I can be spotting sipping a work-day friendly Doom Bar Zero (non-alcoholic in laymen’s terms), poor Al had to force back a pedal-to-the-metal 6.2% Duchesse De Bourgogne which, rumour has it, is also used to strip vanish.

Where we do find common ground is in the newly announced AirPods Max, which have emerged at a much higher price point than any of us could imagine. With the info currently available, we weigh up whether or not the AirPods Max are worth the money, and if they’re even worth the attention from anyone who isn’t deeply ingrained in the iOS system.

Arguably one of the week’s biggest losers however is in the form of Halo: Infinite getting yet another delay. At this point, it’ll be ages before the Xbox Series X has a genuine system seller under its belt, which will no doubt play hugely in Sony’s favour.

This week’s Show and Tell might be the most varied set of products we’ve featured yet, ranging from DJI’s latest mini drone to the high-powered AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT (so high-powered that just talking about its specs has the ability to put people to sleep).

There’s even a brief segment on DONTNOD’s latest game, Twin Mirror. If you’ve seen my review for the game over on our sister site, Trusted Reviews, then you’ll know that the title hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations, and if you watch my eyes closely, you’ll notice a sudden longing for a beer that’s not non-alcoholic.

To give anymore away would be to spoil the episode entirely, so I’ll stop yapping away now. If you enjoy this week’s episode (or heck, even if you hate it) then please let us know in the comments section. Who knows, your comment might even be featured in a future episode!


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