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Revealed: The most-mentioned car brands in music

The top twenty most referenced car brands in music have been revealed, and while there can only be one winner, there are a couple of surprises too.

Whether you’re an aficionado of rock or rap, you can’t help but notice plenty of references not just to cars and driving, which appear as often in music as the movies, but also references to specific brands, often seemingly there just to provoke a wry touch of jealousy from the listener.

The comparison site Uswitch has investigated every instance of name-dropping in order to find the most popular car brand mentioned in music; the answer, by quite some distance, is Mercedes, which is referenced in no less than 16,415 different songs available on

While the result might not be all that shocking, the scale of its victory was quite considerable, as second-place Lamborghini racked up 9,546 nods by comparison. Bentley, Ferrari, and Porsche rounded out the top five, but there are a few surprises on the extensive list.

While luxury brands dominate, Honda clocks in at No. 8, Toyota at No. 15, and Nissan, Mazda and Fiat run from 17-19, even beating out Aston Martin down in twentieth place. Tesla, the electric car firm headed up by Elon Musk, sits impressively in ninth place, just overtaking the timeless Rolls-Royce marque.

As well as collecting data on the car brands themselves, the data also shows which artists are the most guilty of name-dropping. German rapper Kollegah is evidently quite proud of his nation’s automobile prowess, as he calls out Mercedes in 33 different songs. While Bentley is name-checked eleven times by Lil Wayne and four times by Nicki Minaj, it’s actually Migos who mention it most, with sixteen songs in total. And who else could it be but Missy Elliot repping Rolls-Royce in a record five different hits?

Here’s the full table of results for your perusal, courtesy of Uswitch:

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