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Ridley Scott confirms that TV series for Blade Runner and Alien are in the works

The legendary director Ridley Scott has confirmed that TV series based on his two sci-fi classics, Alien and Blade Runner, are being adapted for the screen.

Two of the most acclaimed science fiction movies of all time are set to receive complementary TV series, according to the director behind them both. In an interview with BBC Radio 4, Ridley Scott said the following about the two intriguing projects:

“We’re already into having written the pilot for Blade Runner and the bible [reference document], so we’re already presenting Blade Runner as a TV show, which will probably be the first 10 hours. And then Alien is a similar thing. Alien is now being written for pilot.”

The exciting news came while the filmmaker was doing a press tour for his latest work, House of Gucci, which is not sci-fi but nonetheless will require a significant suspension of disbelief as you listen to the dodgy accents of Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, and co.

Speaking of the new Alien adaptation, FX channel boss John Landgraf revealed that it would take shape as “the first Alien story set on Earth… By blending both the timeless horror of the first Alien film with the non-stop action of the second, it’s going to be a scary thrill ride that will blow people back in their seats.” It sounds incredible from that description, but fans of the series have already had their fingers burned by some lacklustre spin-offs of the original movie, such as the recent release Alien: Covenant and the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, both of which were considered as sub-par.

At this point in time we don’t know what format the new Blade Runner TV series will take; will it follow in the footsteps of Denis Villeneuve’s entrancing Blade Runner 2049, will it cover events in between the sequel and the original, or will it even be a new storyline entirely? Whichever route is taken, we can’t wait to take a peek at the next chapter in the saga of the replicants.




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