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The Boys Season 3: news, filming date and plot synopsis

The Boys Season 3: For everything you need to know about the next season of Amazon’s The Boys, including leaks, new info and even a potential release date, you’re already in the right place.

Phew! Just like its first season, the second season of The Boys was an absolute whirlwind, but its jam-packed plot and cliffhanger ending have left us with one heck of an appetite for another season. While it’s early days yet, there is still a decent amount of information out there regarding the next instalment of The Boys, including a new cast member that hints at a key storyline from the comics.

It’d be remiss however if we completely blew past the ending of The Boys season two without discussing what it all meant and where it leaves our heroes going forward, which is why we’ll be leaving plenty of room for discussion about The Boys season two further on down the page.

The Boys Season 3 – Cast

As you might expect, all the major cast members for The Boys are expected to return for season three, but we do have one big piece of news in the form of a new cast member: enter Jensen Ackles. Known best for his work on Supernatural (which was created by The Boys showrunner, Eric Kripke), Ackles will be assuming the role of Soldier Boy, the very first superhero to benefit from Compound V.

Not too dissimilar to a Captain America-type figure, Soldier Boy is famous in the comics for having fought in the Second World War, and for his role as leader of the first superhero team, Payback. Without going into too much detail, Soldier Boy and Billy Butcher don’t exactly get along in the comics, and we’re sure that same dynamic will be transferred into the show.

While nothing’s been confirmed, a public conversation between Kripke and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on Twitter could hint at us seeing The Walking Dead actor in the next season of The Boys. Given Negan’s no nonsense attitude, there’s a case to be made that Morgan might have been a really compelling Billy Butcher in an alternate universe.

The Boys Season 3 – Plot

With the addition of Soldier Boy to season three, alongside the fact that episode one of season three is entitled ‘Payback’, it’s clear that the next season of The Boys will focus a great deal on the superheroes who came before The Seven.

The Boys Season 3 – Filming date/release date

Thanks to a tweet from Eric Kripke himself, we now know that The Boys season three will begin filming in early 2021. Given the usual turnaround time for a series like The Boys – and the additional complications thrown in by the ongoing pandemic – don’t be too surprised if The Boys season 3 doesn’t air until early 2022.

The Boys Season 2 Ending – What was with that cliffhanger?

It should go without saying but consider this your spoiler warning for the following. The end of The Boys season two reveals that Congresswoman Neuman is the assassin that’s been murdering various people throughout season two’s storyline.

This is a particularly baffling twist given that Neuman is openly critical of Vought and even helps our main heroes, but she was still the one who stopped Vought from being prosecuted over the congressional hearing surrounding Compound V. It’s clear that whatever Neuman has in mind for Vought, her plans don’t involve the company going down just yet.


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