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The Mandalorian: Here’s how you can snack like Baby Yoda

Fans of The Mandalorian will have their appetites whetted by these cute cookies heartily approved of by Baby Yoda – and now available to buy.

The hit Star Wars TV show, The Mandalorian, has taken fans by storm – although the titular bounty hunter has often been overshadowed by his cute sidekick, nicknamed “Baby Yoda”. Never was this more true than when the extraterrestrial toddler munched on some turquoise-coloured cookies, earning rapturous retweets in the process.

But as anyone familiar with Star Wars knows, no sooner is something seen on the screen than it is available to buy – as a toy, playing card, video game, or in this case, baked goods. So yes, you can now buy macarons inspired by the series – at a price. That price being $50 for 12 of them, from luxury brand Williams Sonoma.Β 

Sadly, the extortionate cost is not even the worst news from the debacle; the macaron monstrosities are called “Navarro Nummies”, so if the rich almond and vanilla flavouring isn’t enough to make you vomit, then that name should do the trick.

To those who think that this news signifies that the bottom of the barrel of opportunistic capitalism has finally been scraped clean by lightsaber-wielding Disney corporatists, I’ll just remind you that when The Force Awakens launched, Sainsbury’s sold satsumas with Star Wars branding. Never underestimate the dark side of mindless consumerist advertising.

If you’re reading this article but a blissfully unaware of Baby Yoda or the chokehold he seems to exert on the wallets of Star Wars fans, then remember that you can catch up on the series with a Disney Plus subscription – along with all the blockbuster films and the Clone Wars TV series too.Β 


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