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The new Uncharted movie trailer stars a fan-favorite scene from the video game

The latest trailer for the movie adaptation of Uncharted has just been released, and fans have spotted a recreated scene from one of the video games.

Has the video game to movie adaptation curse finally been lifted? Or will Uncharted follow the regrettably well-trodden of mediocrity that so many blockbuster games have gone down in the past? That’s the real mystery at the heart of this film, but apparently there’s also something to do with hidden treasure as well, as revealed by the new trailer (below):

It’s likely that you’ll recognise a reference or two in this montage if you’re familiar with the hit video game series, but there’s one in particular that has caught many fan’s eyes, and it’s unmistakable for anyone who has played Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.

In a stunning action set-piece, our hero Nathan Drake is flung out of a transport plane and must desperately try to climb the rigging of flailing cargo that trails behind. As one of the most memorable sequences from the game, it certainly gives a warm buzz of nostalgia to see it remounted in live action for the movie.

That scene aside, reactions on social media have been somewhat mixed. For one thing, purists are still angry that Drake’s mentor Sully still is without his iconic moustache, while both lead actors seem considerably younger than their video game counterparts. Nonetheless many fans have been won over by this promising trailer, which seems to guarantee another globe-trotting adventure mystery.




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