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The Simpsons has been reimagined as a Brexit-era satirical sitcom

America’s favourite family has become Britain’s bleakest brood in this short video set under the grey skies of the UK’s culture war.

Homer, Marge, and their rebellious son are having a chat around the kitchen table. But what’s this — a bottle of White Lightning cider on the counter? A crumpled Tesco carrier bag? “Bartholomew”? It’s the Simpsons alright, but not as we know them.

This unofficial short video for Alasdair Beckett-King sees the Simpson family in a greying, decaying world reminiscent of Ken Loach’s grim social realism. But the dialogue seems to be a rather strange mix of American stereotypes about their former coloniser, along with Boomer-baiting satire likely only to be understood by the Brits.

To that end, Homer is not only erudite, but he enunciates like Laurence Olivier giving a speech to a school for the hard of hearing; it’s a far cry from him usual depiction as a bone-headed boor. His roguish son, now “Bartholomew”, has a similarly silver-spooned speaking voice, and it’s only Marge who has a regional accent.

However, the comedic content comes from taking aim at the conservative culture war raging in this country, whereby Bart decapitates a statue of Winston Churchill and the family eats the Union Flag for dinner.

Though parts of the video are likely to be lost in translation between the two cultures famously said to be “divided by a common language”, we can at least rest assured that it’s an improvement on the last time the Simpsons visited British shores; The Regina Monologues, the fourth episode of the fifteenth season, saw Tony Blair make a cringeworthy cameo as a jetpack-powered tour guide. 

The Simpsons has recently been renewed for its 34th season, set for release in 2023, and you can stream all the episodes of the longest-running American animated show on Disney Plus.



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