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The ultimate Lego Super Mario set has been leaked, and it looks like a boatload of fun

Images of a new Super Mario themed Lego set have accidentally been leaked, and it’s bound to be an exciting build for fans of the video games.

We’ve had a sneak peek at an upcoming Super Mario Lego set, thanks to its accidental reveal on Amazon’s Australian site, and now we can’t wait until it goes on sail, because it appears to be none other than Bowser’s airship, which featured in New Super Mario Bros.

Appearing on the retailer’s website on Wednesday, presumably due to an error as it was quickly pulled down, the images depict one of the most detailed and biggest sets to date from Lego’s Super Mario partnership, as it consists of 1,152 pieces in total and will measure over 14 inches long once constructed.

As for the characters, this set seems to feature a pirate Goomba and Magikoopa, while pride of place is a cannon that will allow you to shoot Mario or Luigi onto the airship to begin the game as you avoid traps and surmount obstacles with your blocky buddies.

The release date has not yet been revealed for this kit, but the price is expected to be around $99 (~£70); an expensive outlay to be sure, but then this is a particularly large set.

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The Lego Super Mario partnership came together in 2020, and has already seen the launch of several battery-powered interactive sets that allow you to re-enact the video game with physical blocks for when you’ve already had too much screen time.

When we got our hands on the original starter kit, we found it a fun experience that really brings Lego to life, with the voice cues and facial expressions on the characters’ faces making for rewarding interactivity that’s likely to hold children’s attention. Hopefully the fun and games brought by the airship will only enhance the enjoyment.






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