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The Wolverine Crush meme is now a real collectible action figure

A classic meme of Wolverine staring longingly into a picture frame has now been cast in plastic immortality as an action figure.

Jealous girlfriend, Drake, Kermit the Frog – time to move over. There’s only one meme with its own action figure in town, and that’s Wolverine Crush.

The viral image it is based on consists of Wolverine fully costumed in blue and yellow, reclining on a bed while overcome with emotion as he stares at a picture frame. The image in the frame is naturally subject to change thanks to the whims of the internet memelords, so it may feature various celebrities, or even be replaced altogether, for example by the case of a beloved video game.

But it hadn’t yet come to life in physical form, until Mondo did exactly that, recreating the figure down to the most precise details and including various other swappable parts and accessories too, such as faces with different expressions and claws in different states of readiness.

Image Credit: Mondo

The model is articulated, so he doesn’t always have to lie in repose on his back, but it certainly would be a missed opportunity not to show it off in its celebrated pose.

Being accurate to X-Men: The Animated Series, the figure is clothed in the classic garish blue and yellow suit reminiscent of Bananaman, rather than the “gym bro” look of the Hugh Jackman incarnation, replete with sleeveless vest. Of course, now that Disney owns 20th Century Fox and the associated rights to bring the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it may not be long before we see another iconic incarnation of the legendary mutant with regenerative abilities.





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