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They’ve done the math, and this is how much it would cost to own a flying car

A future of flying cars isn’t too far away, but hypothetically how much would it cost you to buy and run such a vehicle? Here’s your answer.

If for some inexplicable reason you thought that a flying car was going to come cheap, then I’ve got some bad news for you. According to new research from the Pentagon Motor Group it could cost an average of £548,500 ($756,165) per customer, so it looks like pigs might fly sooner than any car I own.

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The methodology took into account the cost of fuel, a licence, and a even insurance in order to give an idea of how much the upkeep could set you back by. Here’s the full breakdown of expenditure:

  • Flying Car: £495,421.00
  • Flying licence: £26,830.00
  • Annual insurance: £12,850.00
  • Storage: £10,000.00
  • Annual fuel cost: £630.25

The price of the car is based on current prices of flying cars using examples including AeroMobil, PAL-V, Aska, Moller Skycar 400, Terrafugia, and the SkyDrive, while many of the other estimated costs are based on that of owning a helicopter, which is judged to be a similar vehicle. The figure for a flying licence is therefore based on the fee and lessons necessary for a helicopter licence, while “storage” is the price of your own personal helipad.

While the two modes of transport are not interchangeable by any means, there are some similarities; some flying car prototypes feature propellers, and will be able to take off and land vertically. However, there are high hopes that such vehicles will be electricity-powered rather than relying on hydrocarbons, which might make some difference to the fuel price estimate (which is actually remarkably cheap).

Based on the eye-watering initial outlay, Pentagon Motor Group confirmed that “the results show that for many years at least, the dream of owning a flying car will unfortunately be resigned to the elite.” Unless of course, they’re already too busy flying into space.



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