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This guy just mailed his own AirTags to himself, and tracked them every step of the way

So how good are AirTags really? And how good is the postal service for that matter? This guy put them both to the test at once.

When a new Apple product arrives on the scene, half of the fun is waiting to see what the craziest fans get up to with their new-fangled toys. Fortunately this story isn’t yet another cringeworthy episode involving a iPhone meeting its demise by way of a hammer or a microwave; in fact, it’s quite instructive as to the functionality of Apple’s new location trackers.

An inventive YouTuber calling himself AirTag Alex has sent his device by mail in the Netherlands, following its journey every single step of the way thanks to the remote tracking capabilities of the button-sized buzzer.

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Rather than experimenting with retrieving AirTags from around the house or in other closed-off locations, Alex raised his ambitions; rather than hiding it in your back garden, how about hiding it in the mail?

Alex reports that he got regular updates about the AirTag’s location, first from the mailbox and then from within the city. However, with some of the updates there were timing discrepancies which demonstrated that the tracking is not instantaneous.

The final journey, all mapped out, showed the surprising distances that the mail travels even for a short delivery distance; the estimated round trip would take one hour and forty-two minutes, to the depot, to the sorting office, and back again. (That’s depsite the mailbox where it was deposited being just 500m from the sender’s home.)

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Fans of this wacky experiment will be pleased to hear that the content creator has planned ever more ambitious next steps, with his next mission being to send the AirTags all the way to Norway.


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