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YouTube Music finally arrives on Wear OS, but there are still big drawbacks

At long last, a YouTube Music app is available on Wear OS. But there’s a significant catch that means many users still won’t be able to access it for now.

It’s been a long-standing but puzzling flaw that Google’s very own Wear OS software hasn’t had an app for Google’s very own YouTube Music app. That’s finally been remedied, but there’s still a serious problem: it’s only accessible on the latest Samsung Wear OS smartwatches.

That means you’ll have to own either the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in order to listen to YouTube Music from your wrist, both of which were released on August 27.

On top of that serious limitation, the app itself still seems to have experienced some early teething problems: 9to5Google has reported that users must only download rather than stream songs, and that this can only be done while the device is charging. That’s hardly convenient if you just want to shuffle through your music library while you’re on the go, as you’ll have to select and download tracks in advance of leaving the house.

As rollout of Wear OS 3 continues we’re sure that more and more smartwatches will adopt this ability, but for the time being it sure is a bit of a letdown. What’s more, many older generations of Wear OS wearables will miss out on the big upgrade, and even those that are in line for it will not receive the new software for several months from now.



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