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Zombie Survival Tips – A guide to surviving the Zombie apocalypse

You’re stood knee deep in guts and rotting flesh, watching your very life flash before your eyeballs. All around there’s the sound of screaming, the anguished cries of desperate souls and the terrifying moans of hungry diseased wretches. Yeah, turns out that holidaying in Crewe was a really bad idea.

Of course, at least this ill-advised vacation was good practice for the impending apocalypse and subsequent zombie-swamped wasteland. With the likes of Trump and May leading us into oblivion, chances are good that nuclear fallout is only a short hop and a skip away.

Don’t worry, though. To keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the zombie world, we’ve compiled a handy survival guide. The following tips come off the back of decades of wasted hours spent watching horror flicks and beating off rotting foes on our humble consoles.

Zombie survival tips


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