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‘£1-£10 games will come to Xperia Play’

David Hilton, the head of Sony Ericsson’s UK marketing, has stated that game prices on the PlayStation phone are set to rival app games from Apple’s fold.

“You don’t want to be playing these games with your fingers all over the screen,” he told  gaming industry mag, MCV.

“Smaller, lower-tier games will be around £1 to £2, and a more complex game could be up to £10.”

He also revealed that the device would come already packed with with six games, but didn’t reveal just how many of those would be PlayStation originals, or optimised Android apps, to be used through Sony’s PlayStation Suite.

We’ve already had a good play around on Crash Bandicoot, one of the games converted across from the original PlayStation.

“The main thing is to offer something different. iPhone is a hugely popular product and Angry Birds on iPhone is a delight. But now the hardware allows you to play far more complex games.

“You want full visibility and the ability to control the games with the sort of interfaces you have on your games console.”

This makes a lot of sense, especially given Sony Ericsson’s promise of bringing rafts of console games. Although they get the job done, we’re not fans of the on-screen controls found on console-style games like Street Fighter IV, and other more ‘mature’ offerings like Secret of Mana.


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