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10 best iPhone games that already support iOS 4.1’s Game Center

Apple’s new Game Center community started slowly last night, with Ms. Pac-Man the first game to support it. However, a flow of other titles followed in the next few hours.

So which should you be playing? Here’s our pick of ten iPhone games that you can start racking up Game Center achievements with today.

Flight Control is one of those evergreen iPhone games that still hasn’t lost its lustre. Land planes and helicopters by drawing their flight paths. It’s tailor-made for Game Center’s leaderboards and achievements.

We’d also recommend Real Racing by the same developer, Firemint. It’s an eye-scorchingly attractive 3D racing game, with marvellous car-handling and a detailed career mode. Again, perfect for achievement-collecting.

Seeing Farmville incorporate Game Center came as something of a surprise, given the way it’s so strongly tied into Facebook. However, it’s a good fit for Apple’s community too, rewarding your progress through farming nirvana.

If you have more of a physics frame of mind, then head straight for Enigmo 2 and Isaac Newton’s Gravity. The former is a brain-frying puzzler that sees you direct streams of falling water, while the latter is, yes, more gravity-based.

Fieldrunners has been around since the early days of the App Store, and clever updates have kept it fresh. It’s a well-designed Tower Defence game with plenty of scope for connected competitiveness.

Another early iPhone title that’s been given the Game Center treatment is Cro-Mag Rally, a stone-age kart racing game. It doesn’t just support achievements and high-scores, but also full online multiplayer racing.

Finger-skateboarding game Touchgrind is also a firm favourite of the Recombu team, although we’re less Tony Hawk and more Tony Hart when it comes to tricks. Still, high scores and achievements let us see just how bad we are.

Zen Bound 2 is as much a chillout app as it is a game, as you wrap rope around a series of sculptures by tilting and rotating your handset. It’s had Game Center achievements bolted on, to disturb its serenity.

Finally, Pac-Man was always ultra-competitive from its beginnings in arcades, so it’s a logical fit for Game Center. Naturally, for total realism, you’ll be wanting a three-letter acronym as your Game Center login…

Want more Game Center goodness?¬†Check out Apple’s list of supported games on the App Store…


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