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10% of all customers to take up 90% of network traffic.

Following outrage over T-Mobile’s cut to customers’ 3G data limits, and its massive U-turn just days later, imposing the data cut on new customers only, we’re all very interested in how much data we’re using on our phones. (See the photo; 3.8GB? Ulp. We blame YouTube.)

We’re craving more and more data, while phone networks tweak their ‘fair-use’ conditions to limit what they see as excessive data use. The only UK phone network currently offering unlimited data on contract is Three Mobile.

Research by Bytemobile has suggested that this year, video communications (we guess that means streaming video and video calls), will account for 90% of wireless network traffic, and that this traffic will come from only 10% of customers.

The video traffic management firm also predict that video will account for 60% of network traffic this year; up from 40% last year.

Video-calling has had so many false starts that it’s hard to believe it’ll ever pick up, but with Apple’s FaceTime and video-chat capable Skype apps, it’s a very good time for it. It’s difficult to see video-streaming traffic go any way other than up- networks are going to feel the squeeze even more in 2011.

Via; Bytemobile, via The Telegraph 


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