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120 BPM is an innovative iPhone music-making app

Music is inherently social, whether you’re listening to it or making it. So it’s no surprise to find social features making their way into both kinds of apps on iPhone and iPad.

If you’ve used any of Smule’s apps – Ocarina, Leaf Trombone and Glee for example – you’ll know all about this. 120 BPM is a new direction for the trend, though.

It’s described as “the first pocket-size music composition studio to create, record and share your original musical creations with the world”. Which puts it neatly in a nutshell. You tap on the sequencer to place samples including drums, guitar and keyboard, while tweaking them to your heart’s content, and adding in your own loops using the iPhone mic.

Social? That’s where 120 BPM’s virtual planet comes in, letting you whizz around the globe to see what other people have been creating. We think that the developer may have taken a leaf out of Smule’s book with this one, actually. Facebook is also supported, so you can share your sweet music with friends.

The 59p price may make you think 120 BPM is lightweight, but it’s actually a pretty powerful music creation tool, with the social features coming as icing on top.


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