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£150 cashback on a Samsung Galaxy S4? Yes please!

We can’t think of anything we’d rather have right now than a Samsung Galaxy S4. Ok. Fair enough – we’re tech journalists, phones are our lives – of course we really want one. We also want one so we can write our review, post our review and help you reach your buying decision before anyone else does; and all so you love us more. See, it’s all about you guys really.

But what if you’ve already decided you want a Galaxy S4? Here’s an incredible deal for your consideration, that’s what. Thanks to those lovely guys at Tesco Compare and Vodafone, you can get a whopping £150 cashback when you pick one up on a 24 month contract. 

Not sure what all the hype surrounding the phone is about? Where do we begin. After spending an evening with the phone earlier in the week, we’re a touch smitten.

Not only did we run through its UI and check out all the smart features on video – complete with Minority Report style gestures – we picked apart its camera interface and even compared it with competition like HTC’s One and Sony’s Xperia Z. You can check out our preview below, but for the full run down of videos, hop over to our YouTube channel.

Once you do, you’ll quickly realise there’s a lot going for the phone, not least of all its skinny 7.9mm body, incredibly powerful processor and its gorgeous full HD display.

So if you want to pick one up, scope out the Galaxy S4 deal where you can get all the details and bag your next smarter than smart phone. As always – if you’ve got any questions, fire us a comment below.


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