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3 MiFi iPod Touch bundle is full of WIN

3 might not be selling the iPhone on contract yet but it’s come up with the next best thing. 3 is now flogging its MiFi (Mobile Wi-Fi) device on monthly contracts with an 8GB iPod Touch thrown into the bargain. This means you can download and use popular apps like Shazam, Spotify and the forthcoming BBC iPlayer app without having to sign up for an expensive contract. Better still, thanks to the Skype application you could also make free calls using your iPod touch and a compatible pair of headphones with a mic.

The 3 MiFi iPod Touch deal costs £23 a month for 24 months and gives you 5GB of internet access. 3 estimates that this will give you 72 hours of browsing and the capacity to download 800 songs and 400 apps. Should you get truly app happy and exceed this, then out of bundle costs for data cost an additional of 10p per MB. In addition to using the MiFi to connect to the net on your iPod Touch, you can also use it to surf the web on your laptop and allow your friends and family access too.



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