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30 Rock gets its own iPhone and iPad games

US sitcom 30 Rock has a devoted audience on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks to its whipsmart wit and excellently-offbeat characters. Now it’s got official games for iPhone and iPad, under the Scene It? brand.

What that means is mini-games, mixing trivia questions with video and audio clips from the show. There are 30 different puzzles in the game, with titles like ‘What the What?’, ‘Mind Grapes’ and ‘Muffin Top’.

The game has a multiplayer mode too, with up to four iOS devices able to connect wirelessly for head-to-head (well, head-to-head-to-head-to-head) action.

Scene It? 30 Rock also ties into the Facebook Connect system, allowing you to challenge friends and brag about your high scores. Sounds like an essential download for fans of the show.


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