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3D avatars making an iPhone comeback with Meez

Remember the days when 3D avatars were hot? It’s a while ago – around the same time that Second Life seemed like it might be The Future. Well, things didn’t quite turn out that way. Nowadays, we’re more concerned with constantly switching profile photos on Facebook rather than creating 3D virtual versions of ourselves.

Meez is proof that the trend isn’t entirely dead, though. Its website specialises in avatars, and now it’s launched a spin-off iPhone app called Meez Avatar Creator. It works like the character creator sections in games like The Sims, in that you mix and match from clothing, body parts and items to make your virtual person.

The big question, though, is what to do with it? Meez suggests creating avatars for your friends and then adding them to their entries in your iPhone contacts list, although frankly that sounds like a bit too much work for our liking. However, you can also share pics of your avatars by email and MMS, as well as uploading them to photo sites and blogs.

We remain to be convinced that we need an avatar creator app, but if we do, Meez looks like a slick one.


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