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3D-capable ‘HTC tablet’ parts leaked in China

Get the salt-shaker out, because what you see here is a plastic backing that some are suggesting will make up the camera covering of a forthcoming HTC tablet.

Mimicking the HTC Flyer, the curved white cover has two apertures for cameras, with the spacing between the two holes similar to other 3D camera couplings we’ve seen. Note that the headphone socket appears to have moved too.

We’ll admit, whether this one turns out to be false or not, it’s a better attempt than this sub-par effort made to ‘create’ a 3D iPhone 5.

We still not sold just yet on whether portable 3D will be a popular new feature but if a future 3D tablet from HTC follows the dimensions of the HTC tablet, it could be a viable alternative to the LG Optimus Tab, which is also capable of recording 3D images and video.

Source: 175Wan

Via: Electric Pig


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