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3D Gotham City teased by Nokia and The Dark Knight Rises

UPDATED: The final instalment of one of the most notable super hero franchises in recent years is about to arrive in cinemas. Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is set to round off the Christian Bale Batman story arc and with it, the Nolan brothers’ re-imagining of the Batman universe. To coincide with the film’s release Nokia have been offering all manner of goodies in the form of mobile phones, apps and now this; a teaser at what looks to be an exciting 3D walk fly-through of Gotham City itself.

The infamous stomping grounds of the caped crusader are no stranger to the dangers of the night and if this short video, released by Nokia just moments ago is anything to go by, we’ll be able to see the intricate working of a city known for its master criminals and low lives as well as its knight in blackened armour.

The video lasts only seconds, but logs one important locale as the camera swoops down into the city, ‘Wayne Tower’. The hub of the Wayne’s business empire and home to a backup set of bat-related tools, should the dark knight need to fight crime before he has a chance to return home after a day in the office.

Based on the 3D nature of the video content and the Dark Knight Rises Windows Phone app, currently exclusive to Nokia Lumia devices, expect this to arrive either as an update to the existing app or a standalone experience, either way, keep your eyes peeled on your Windows Phones and maybe you’ll be able to glide through the skyscrapers of Gotham sooner than you think.

UPDATE 6/6/12: Head to the ExploreGothamCity Nokia Maps page to check the finished article out for yourself. Word has it more will be added to the 3D metropolis in the lead up to the film’s release.


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