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3D-printed iPhone cases: The Future has arrived

Forget the technological functionality of the iPhone itself, the fact that these iPhone cases were created with a simple Ctrl+P is blowing our minds.

3D printing is so amazing, I can’t believe it’s a real thing and not an elaborate hoax by sci-fi nerds who are secretly laughing at us from the nearest Star Trek convention.

Using a 3D model created on a computer, these amazing printers create the model in real life – this video can explain it so much better than I can.

The iPhone and iPad cases from Freedom of Creation have all been manufactured in this way – and the intricate designs lend themselves to it brilliantly. The Macedonia case, above left, is based on the structure of bird bones (bird bones!) which looks good while adequately protecting the fragile iPhone 4 – it’s a darn sight more interesting than a bumper, anyway.


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