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3G and Wi-Fi PS Vita gets unofficial price cut in Japan ahead of UK launch

Sales of the PS Vita haven’t performed as well as hoped in Sony’s native market of Japan, where retailers have taken to slashing the price in order to shift units.

The PS Vita, which comes in Wi-Fi only and 3G and Wi-Fi flavours has sold less than half a million units over the festive period, managing 321,000 at launch and just 72,479 the following week.

Of the two iterations of the PS Vita, it’s the 3G version that’s seen the least interest, and so shops have been slashing prices by as much as 20 per cent, according to GamesRadar.

Prices for the 3G PS Vita have dropped to the equivalent of $325 or £208, which gives us some idea of how the price might shape up over here. Or it might not; Amazon still has the Vita listed at £229.99 and £279.99 on its pre-order pages, as do GAME. So at the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be any price cuts.

The PS Vita is due to hit British shelves on the 22nd of February, with Vodafone selling the 3G version with data plans bundled in. We’ve contacted Vodafone regarding pricing plans for the 3G-enabled PS Vita and data bundles in the UK and are waiting to hear back.

Source: GamesRadar via Reg Hardware