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3M Series 100 Smart Pens: Squidgy stylus for capacitive touchscreens

Makers of paper Post-It notes, fire blankets and microfibre wipe cloths 3M have got on the stylus bandwagon with its Series 100 Smart Pen range.

Available in silvery grey and matt black colours, the 3M Smart Pen will work with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, but it ought to work with “many other popular capacitive touchscreen devices.”

The 3M stylus’s tip is made from a soft rubbery material that features 3M’s ‘anti-stiction’ design, which allows for smooth writing and drawing with the minimum amount of drag on a screen’s surface. This is all well and good on the oleophobic iDevice screens, but on other screens we’ve recently handled are somewhat smudgier affairs.

The raison d’etre of the 3M Smart Pen is to make your tablet or phone’s screen as smudge-free as possible; using the pen obviously means you won’t dirty the screen up with your mucky paws – nice thinking there.

Available in the UK since last summer, but re-announced at CES where (wouldyabelieveit) there’s plenty of capactive touchscreen-based products on show, the 3M Smart Pens can be had away for £12.40 a piece from 3M’s UK store – no batteries needed.

We missed this one in our blitzkrieg round up of styluses (stylii?) last year which included the Wacom Bamboo, Just Mobile’s AluPen and the awesome Scribbly, a stylus that looks like an old whiteboard marker.

Source: 3M, 3M Select


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