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Try an EE 4G data SIM free for a month from Expansys

EE have more than a few months left before they lose the title of being the UK’s only 4G carrier, but should you fancy having a taste of those super-fast mobile browsing speeds before committing to EE or any of the other 4G offerings from their rivals coming later this year, online mobile retailer Expansys are running a special offer giving potential EE customers the ability to try their 4G network for a month free of charge.

With the comparatively light number of users currently on EE’s 4G network, our experiences have most certainly lived up to the hype. Dedicated speed tests clocked the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE on EE as offering up to six times faster downloads and ten times faster uploads. Don’t take these results as gospel of course, there are a myriad of factors which can affect the performance of EE’s network, including interference, weather, buildings and mast proximity just for starters (we were testing it from central London).

Expansys EE

Expansys are offering both combiSIMs (a mini/microSIM in one) and nanoSIMs (for select devices like the iPad Mini) with the typical cost of the SIM being £1.99, tied to a rolling 1 month contract which grants the user 5GB of data for £15.99 a month. Entering the voucher code ‘FREE4G’ at purchase however, will render the first month’s data absolutely free, meaning you can effective try-before-you buy, at least before you pay anything excessive.

Just to be clear, these are data SIMs so they’re designed to work with tablets and dongles (with the only 4G dongle in the UK being a Option-made device costing £139.99), not LTE-savvy smartphones.


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