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£5 million to spare? Your dinosaur bone and gold iPad 2 awaits.

So you’re sitting on a beach somewhere earning 20% while sipping pina coladas. You’re regularly checking your stocks and email on your diamond encrusted iPhone 4 (the butler hasn’t quite finished preparing your 4S yet), but you want a bigger screen. You want to consume some content, but you want to do it in style.

Enter the iPad 2. Not just any old iPad though, no sir. You’ll be wanting the one made out of dinosaur bones and solid gold. Only the finest for sir.

British designer Stuart Hughes has taken it upon himself to slather the iPad 2 in a myriad of super expensive materials. Take the front: the bezel is made from 750g of Canadian Ammolite, apparently the oldest rock in the world. There’s 57g of tyrannosaur bone shaved into the rock as well, just for good measure.

Flip the tablet over and you’ll find the back is made of 24 carat solid gold, weighing around two kilograms. The Apple logo is also encrusted with 52 individually set rocks.

Everything to your liking? Be prepared to throw down a cool £5 million. Will that be cash or cheque, sir?

Source: The Daily Mail


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