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60beat GamePad brings console style controls to iOS devices

Gaming on an iOS device is swell and all, but sometimes the lack of real, physical controls can be maddening. With this new accessory, that might be a thing of the past.

The 60beat GamePad is a little different from controllers of old in that in plugs into your device’s headphone jack instead of the 30-pin connector or Bluetooth. You also don’t need any batteries, with the device drawing its power from the headphone jack too, and an included splitter means you won’t be without sound to your headphones either. The layout of the controller itself is fairly standard, with dual analogue sticks, d-pad, and a plethora of buttons for you to furiously mash.

The catch? There’s only a handful of games it works with right now, and developers have to update their games to be able to play nice with the controller. There are only two games that work right now, but 60beat promises more compatible games will arrive by February.

The 60beat GamePad will set you back $50, and is available for order worldwide. Check out the video below for the controller in action.

Source: 60beat via The Verge