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7digital to launch Windows Phone app

Online music vendor 7digital is set to launch a Windows Phone app, alongside its existing Android and BlackBerry MP3 app stores. The forthcoming MP3 store will allow Nokia Lumia 800 and HTC Titan owners to preview, stream and download songs from 7digital’s 17 million strong library of tunes.

As with previous versions of 7digital’s apps, songs purchased over a 3G/cellular connection will be compressed, so that they don’t eat into your data plan as much, with these replaceable by 320kbps-quality MP3s when you connect to Wi-Fi.

7digital CEO Ben Drury commented: “We’re continuing to see demand from customers for access to their music on all their devices, regardless of the manufacturer or operating system.

With the launch of our Windows Phone app, we’re continuing to work towards the realisation of our vision to provide anytime anywhere access to music for our customers.

7digital is ‘platform agnostic’ and by working closely with Microsoft on its Windows devices we are closer to our goal of being able to give our customers access to their entire music collection on their devices any time they want to access it.”

Crucially, the cloud locker that’s been a feature of previous 7digital apps, will allow just that; so any songs you’d previously bought on an Android or BlackBerry phone via 7digital, you’ll be able to access again on your spanking new Windows Phone.

There’s no release date for the 7digital Windows Phone app just yet but we’ll keep you posted.