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7digital updates Android app: MP3 downloads and compressed downloads

Hot on the heels of Spotify’s announcement this morning comes news that 7digital has revamped its Android app. Now customers can purchase tracks on the go on their Android phone from 7digital’s 14 million-strong library.

Like the Amazon MP3 app, the 7digital app features an integrated player, meaning you’ll be able to search for, buy and download songs on the go and play them in the same app. Nice.

You’ll also be able to play songs stored ‘locally’ on your Android phone and sync songs that are stored in your 7digital cloud locker to your phone as well.

Another neat feature of this recent update is that songs downloaded over a cellular/3G connection are compressed, lower quality versions – these will be replaced with full 320kbps quality MP3s once a Wi-Fi connection is available.

That’s pretty considerate of 7digital, as it means your monthly data plan won’t get hammered so much.

You also get other music player standards in this update such as playlist creation and you can also get 30 second previews of all tracks before you purchase, iTunes style.

7digital of course, also powers Spotify’s buy-to-own service. As we’ve heard today, Spotify is due to roll out some new pricing bundles that’ll allow you to by 10 songs for £7.99.

At the moment, you can’t buy MP3s directly via the Spotify phone apps – it looks as though you’ll need to purchase these bundles through the Spotify desktop app. 7digital’s announcement could change all this though – we’ve asked 7digital for a statement and are waiting to hear back.

As well as powering Spotify’s pay to own offer, 7digital recently announced that it would be powering a music download service on the forthcoming BlackBerry PlayBook as well.

You can download the 7digital app from the Android Market now for free – it works on devices running 2.1 Eclair and above.


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