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£806 for an iPhone case: Watchmaker launches exclusive range of cases.

High-end Swiss watch-maker, Franck Muller have announced their own range of high-end iPhone cases, to be exclusively released in Japan this April.

Each of the six models will have a limited production of only 500, model names range from ‘Black Matt’ to ‘Purity’ (a bare titanium beauty) and ‘Colour Dream Black Base’. (That’s the one we’re after.)

Available from Japanese network Softbank, each is priced at a stroke-inducing 109,000Y (£806), but at least it’s cheaper than a dinosaur tooth and meteor case

The cases will go straight into the phone’s frame, requiring a bit of elbow grease to undo the iPhone screws and switch out the cases. Screws and a screwdriver will be included with the case. It’ll also come with a display stand. For that kind of money, we’d expect so; we’ll be framing ours and adding security sensors.


Source: Softbank, via MobileCrunch 


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