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97% of all traffic on Three’s network is data

Are you ready for more stats and numbers to permeate your brain? No? Tough luck. They’re coming thick and fast today, so here’s another interesting set to add to the list. There will be a test.

Three offered up the following on their blog today: 97% of all their traffic is purely down to data, and between June of last year and September this year, data usage was up 427%. Pretty crazy numbers.

Three are no strangers to embracing the data revolution, and the resulting popularity of data usage on their network can’t be too surprisingly when they offer all-you-can-eat data for just £15 a month on PAYG. Generally the other networks are offering 500MB, or 1GB if you’re willing to cough up more money.

There’s also the deal they offered existing customers whereby if they wanted unlimited data too, they just had to pay an extra £3 per month. Compare that to the likes of O2 who want £10 for 1GB, and you can see why Three are becoming so popular.

Source: Three via The Next Web


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