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€999 price tag for LG Optimus Pad?

Engadget is reporting a mammoth €999 price tag for the soon to be released LG Optimus Pad.

The website states that the above price is only confirmed in Germany, but that they are yet unawares of American or other European prices.

Honeycomb is looking set for some seriously expensive releases, the Motorola Xoom is even more pricey at a pre-order cost of $1,199.

Apple has long been insistent that they made the iPad as cheap as was commercially viable and given the current Android pricing it looks like they might well have done. Honeycomb is going to have to do something seriously special in order to justify the extra financial outlay. Especially given that many are willing to pay that little bit extra for the Apple premium.

The Optimus Pad is due out in March in the States


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