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A first glimpse of the new HTC One’s desktop

Leaked photo of the next HTC One desktop shows a new version of BlinkFeed, sporting the usual glamorous people and on-screen home and back buttons.

HTC must be hating @evleaks right now – first came the specs leaks for the new HTC One handset (dubbed ‘HTC M8’), then the New York reveal, and now we’ve had a look at the new BlinkFeed desktop ahead of the official launch next month. Cast your eyes below for a peep of the new interface.

The new HTC One Blinkfeed desktop revealed

Yep, that looks like BlinkFeed alright, and the one big reveal is the on-screen back, home and app buttons at the bottom of the screen. These should replace the physical buttons of the original HTC One, something that’s already been rumoured.

Aside from that, there seems to be little difference compared with the old BlinkFeed home page. You can still top it off with a time/weather widget, your social and news updates still appear as tiles, and you still get to enjoy professional pics of your beautiful friends enjoying a spot of outdoor recreation – if you have the same mates as HTC, at least. Our friends will more likely be face-down on the pavement in a puddle of their own bodily excretions.

At this rate there’ll be nothing left for HTC to reveal come next month, although it did manage to keep the likes of BoomSound and Zoe mode up its sleeve for the HTC One launch. Here’s hoping there’s still some secrets to come.


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