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A new-look Android Market (version 3.1.5) surfaces over on XDA Developers

The XDA Developers forums are veritable banquets of mobile wonderment. Recently passing through, we spotted a link to the latest version of the Android Market, version 3.1.5 if you’re counting.

It should be noted that this version of the Market has not yet been released officially by Google, so to install it, you should make sure that the non-Market box is checked (Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources).

We’ve had a little play around with it on an LG Optimus 3D and it looks to be much like the upgraded Android Market that was recently rolled out, the same Windows Phone 7 Metro UI/esque grid of panels with the same sharing apps feature.

Some of the featured app icons still ghost into view after a couple of seconds like before. A minor quibble, and one that we can live with.

Though the new-look Market has been out awhile, we’ve only seen Samsung phones including the Galaxy S2, Nexus S and Galaxy S getting it thus far.

So if you’ve got an HTC Sensation and are aching to scratch that new Market itch, this manual install workaround may be just what you need.

Link to the XDA forum post is here, for the .APK, click the big app link below (works from your desktop browser or your Android phone).