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A third of UK under-tens own mobile phones

Almost a third of the under-tens in the UK are getting connected with their own mobile phones, according to research from cloud security bods Westcoastcloud. The company questioned 2000 UK families on their tech habits, revealing the news that mobiles are no longer just the purview of us grown-ups.

Mobiles aren’t the only bits of tech being snapped up by youngsters (or, rather, their parents): the research also showed that some 25% had their own e-mail address, 18% had a flatscreen TV in their bedroom and 16% owned their own laptop. For all those e-mails they’re apparently sending.

Other revelations in the report include that under half of parents (49%) use web-filtering software to keep their offspring away from naughty websites, while 12% allow their kids to use the computer completely unmonitored. Want to see how your tech parenting skills measure up? You can browse the full findings for yourself on Westcoastcloud’s website.

Via: BBC