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Acer looks to be fixing the Iconia W3’s problems with the Iconia W4

Acer was the first to market with a smaller Windows 8 tablet, but it didn’t go down well with reviewers or consumers. The company’s slate suffered from a poor display, as well as a sluggish processor. Still, at least Acer is working to recitfy the problem. Dutch site managed to score a hands-on with the new Iconia W4, an improved version of the W3 that should alleviate some of the complaints.

According to the site, Acer’s revision contains an Intel Atom Bay Trail processor. That should lead to performance improvements, as well as a slight battery boost. The panel that Acer used for the Iconia W3 has been ditched too, with the company opting for an IPS display of the same resolution for the W4. The resolution is the same as the old model, however, at 1280×800.

Specs otherwise remain unchanged, with the tablet also carrying 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The W4 is running Windows 8.1, though, so an October release date could be a possibility given that Microsoft is launching the latest version of its OS on October 18th.

Spotted at Engadget


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