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Acer launches Liquid Leap Curve, Leap Fit and Leap Active in New York

Acer just pulled the wraps off new Liquid Leap Curve, Leap Fit and Leap Active wearables at its 2015 New York product showcase event, three wearables designed to expand its

The company updates and expands its product portfolio at these annual events and wearables were a hot topic at this year’s shindig, with the company’s ST Liew highlighting Acer’s desire to continue expanding on into the world of mobile.

Acer Liquid Leap Curve

The new Leap lineup is hoping to appeal to users on three fronts: fashion, health and communication. To a degree, the existing Leap already meets two out of these three targets, but with the addition Curve fashion is clearly its forte.

Acer Liquid Leap Curve

Whilst offering a similar design with an OLED display, everything from the screen to the PCB to the battery has been curved. It’s more extreme than Samsung’s Gear Fit and Acer says it’s looking at partners and brands to create an array of exchangeable straps, potentially employing different materials like cloth.

Acer Liquid Leap Fit

As its name suggests, the Fit is for those who are a little more serious about tracking their workouts and monitoring how their body is responding. Whilst it too will feature replaceable straps, the real party piece falls to a pair of sensors; a heart rate sensor and a galvanic skin sensor.

Acer Liquid Leap Fit 1 Acer Liquid Leap Fit 2

The latter will use 24-carat gold contacts to constantly draw readings from the user’s wrist to gauge things like stress levels, whilst the optical heart rate sensor keeps tabs on those all important BPMs.

Acer Liquid Leap Active

Details are still slim on the Active – it packs what appears to be a small, more compact display compared to its launch sibling, the Fit and its water resistance chops have supposedly been beefed up, perhaps making it waterproof rather than water resistant.

Acer Liquid Leap Active

All of these new trackers will play nice with the improved Leap app that features a new summary page collating the user’s health information called Acer Age. What’s more app adds support for Windows 10, bestowing true cross-platform compatibility alongside iOS and Android, unless you’re rocking a BlackBerry in which case, you’re still out of luck.


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