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Acer Predator Tablet: Unboxing and first look review

Check out Acer’s new £199 gaming tablet, the Acer Predator Tablet, in this full unboxing and first look video.

We’ve already played around with the Acer Predator Tablet, but a fresh boxed model just landed at Recombu Towers so we shot a full unboxing video to see what you can expect from the finished product. Check out the video below, which shows the Predator Tablet in action too.

Acer’s Predator Tablet is an 8-inch Android device that’s designed specifically for gaming. As such, it’s comfortable to grip in landscape mode with a light frame and soft-touch grips that sit beneath your fingers. The screen is bright and surprisingly colourful for a basic TFT display, while the 1920×1200 resolution keeps things sharp enough to enjoy the latest titles.

The Predator Tablet is plastic but feels durable, with the stand-out design feature being those red speakers positioned at each corner. The speakers put out a decent sound for tablet blowers, although the bottom pair do dig into your palms a little and are easily smothered while gaming.

Performance is provided by a quad-core Intel Atom processor backed up by 2GB of RAM and so far it seems to do the job, providing a smooth frame rate when playing the likes of Asphalt 8 (which comes bundled with $50 of credit for those pesky in-app purchases). We’ll be fully testing the Predator Tablet’s performance and battery life for our full review.

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Check back soon for our in-depth Acer Predator Tablet review. You can grab the Predator Tablet now in the UK for £199 from PC World and Currys.


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