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aCircuit Board Live Wallpaper exposes the guts of your Android phone

Remember the sweet Logcat wallpaper we featured last month? The one which turned your phone’s activity log into a live background? Well we’ve found something equally geeky – this circuit board wallpaper.

As well as looking great, parts of this live wallpaper change depending on which of your phone’s features you’ve got running at the time. For example if you’ve got Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth switched on, then the three corresponding LEDs in the background will light up.

The background also changes when you double-tap on certain components like the fan and CPU. You can customise many of the effects in the settings, and choose from a number of screen overlays such as normal, cracked screen and dusty screen. You can even choose from two CPU fans.

A free version is available to download which gives you a basic version of the wallpaper; the full version (which costs around 83p) gives you access to the settings and all the custom features.


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