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Adblock Browser for Android promises a blissful, ad-free existence

Adblock Plus has launched a new Android browser that promises to deliver an entirely ad-free existence. 

Hey Google, stick that in your Chrome pipe and smoke it.

Adblock Browser for Android is currently available in beta form and promises an ad-blocking solution that’s light years ahead of the shonky Adblock Plus app, which was unceremoniously removed from the Google Play Store back in 2013. 

Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus, said: “A complete Android browser app is a natural progression for us. In addition to blocking adware and obnoxious ads, we can offer faster browsing speeds, more efficient data use and even longer battery life. It’s a win-win for users across the globe.” 

Adverts will be blocked at the source, guaranteeing you a less annoying browsing experience and, according to Adblock Plus, saving bandwidth and battery life at the same time. This could be useful if you’ve got a phone with a tiny battery and you’re on a capped data plan. 

The company says that adverts can drain battery life by up to 23 per cent – although, less helpfully, Adblock Plus admits that it arrived at this figure by studying Windows Phone devices. 

If Windows Phone users are ever allowed to officially run .apk files on their phones, then this figure might actually mean something. 

Of course, this battery-saving angle might be a bit moot. If it turns out that Adblock Plus’s browser burns through more data and requires more processing power than, say, Chrome, then the minor inconvenience of having to close down a pop-up ad is something we’d be willing to put up with – given the still-shoddy battery performance of many Android phones

We should also note that diving into the settings page on Chrome for Android reveals an option to block pop-ups, although, it must be said, this doesn’t block 100 per cent of the ads you’re likely to see online. 

Adblock Browser for Android will also let users accept non-intrusive ads, the kind of which sit discreetly at the bottom of pages, which is a good option to offer as many decent sites only exist by virtue of their advertising and obviously we’re big on the whole writers getting paid thing. 

But at least the nefarious and annoying full screen commercials that you actually have to spend time and money watching can at least be nixed at the source. 

If the Adblock Browser is something that you’d like to try, you can head over to the company’s Google Plus page and join up, once you’re a member you can join the beta and give the new app a full test-drive.


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