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Adobe announces new Photoshop app developed for iPad

Adobe have already released their photo-editing program onto the iPhone, but are now looking to release a more feature-heavy version for the iPad.

A new version was revealed as part of Adobe Photoshop’s presentation at the Photoshop World Symposium. (Trumpet fanfare!)

Photoshop Express was a lightweight photo-editor, perfect for adjusting and cropping your pictures on the iPhone, but this new app looks like it will be able to much more with the improved iPad processing power.

The larger touch-screen interface on tablet would certainly suit more fiddly editing and more complicated tools.

Take a peak at the demo video over at Photography Bay, showing off some proper Photoshop skills like new layer animation editing, bringing it a bit closer to PC program. It’s said to still be in development, and its release date is also yet to be confirmed. We’re very interested in testing it on a zippy iPad 2.

Source: Photography Bay

Via: Slashgear


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